title pic The Most Famous Fashion Swimwear in Film History

Posted by Katie on September 14, 2012

With our love of fashion swimwear, it comes easy to us to pick out the most eye-catching, trendy, and sexy swimsuits. Throughout American cinema, swimwear has been something of a trend that sweeps the nation once it hits the big screen. Many talented actresses have donned some talked about bikinis and Elite Fashion Swimwear has our top three favorite superstars that have strut their stuff in some serious designer swimwear!

Ursulla Andress inspired two piece bikini

Ursula Andress: This beach babe was best known for her role in Dr. No, the 1962 installment of the James Bond series of movies. This Swiss actress wore a two-piece white bikini, complete with a gun holster and buckled belt! Ursula set the standard for famous women in two-piece bikinis.

Brigitte Bardot: This classic French actress was known for being a bombshell in her swimwear. In countless movies, including The Girl in the Bikini (1952) as well as And God Created Women (1956), this sassy lady was known for making any type of swimwear look good!

Bo Derek: Who could forget this corn-rowed girl? In the 1979 movie 10, Derek donned a revealing one-piece swimsuit that did not leave much to the imagination. She was one of the most sought after actresses after that movie and has been remembered for her famous running down the beach scene.

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